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So you are interested in sending a demo to 2Brains Entertainment?

Here are a few Yes & No’s for you:

Yes, you can:

- Submit electronic music (dance, club, house, elektro), urban, pop or any kind of commercial music. This is the type of music that we are interested in hearing. This is the music we are interested in signing.

- Please send us your best work. We better like 2 good tracks then 50 medium quality tracks.

No, you can’t:

- Send material if you are going to state in your message that, “If I had more (fill in the blank) it would sound better.”. We are interested in hearing your best and only your best work.

These are the possibilities:

1) Use the following form in combination with a filesharing service (upload your files and pass us the link) or direct link. Make sure the link is available for more than 7 days!

2) Send the mp3 file in at least 128kbps to We do not receive files over 10mb.

3) By mail to the following address:
2Brains Entertainment Group
Halensebaan 68 bus 1
B-3290 Diest – Belgium

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