COOL TO BE FLABBY! The name was found in the English Dictionary, the sound, in the music encyclopaedia. Following the premises, they started mixing up genres and sounds, melting styles and rhythms, cooking something absolutely fresh and charming. FLABBY was the creature of a “menage a trois”, Ross Pellecchia, Fab Fiore and Andrea De Sabato, three acclaimed radio and club deejays. The three of them went out for a drink together, on an evening of 1996 in Milan: it was while sipping an unspecified number of Martini cocktails that they discovered an irresistible musical empathy and actually started the Flabby thing! “Diggy Doggy Doo”, the first single by FLABBY, was built around the sample of a famous 70’s commercial for a mattress company and released during the spring of 1997 through Soul Trade Music, a small indie label owned by Mariella Reitano and licensed to EMI Music Italy. The song was greatly successful throughout the acid jazz circuit, suddenly becoming part of the lounge music phenomena. In February ‘98 Flabby released their debut album “Modern Tunes for Everybody”: “les album plus cool d’Europe” , according to a Canadian review ! The first single off the album was “ Mambo Italiano”, a song written by Bob Merrill which became a worldwide hit in the 50’s. In Italy “Mambo Italiano” became a massive hit thanks to the bizarre arrangements , the catchy rhymes and the voice of Carla Boni, who originally interpreted the italian version in the 50’s, and accepted to be featured on the new FLABBY version and also acted in the amazing videoclip. The song and the video became a cult, reaching the top of the radio and TV charts all over the world. It was also included in the original soundtrack of the first successful Gabriele Muccino’s movie, “Come te nessuno mai”. Jarvis Cocker, leader of the brit pop band Pulp, reviewed it enthusiastically and called himself a “huge FLABBY fan”. “Modern Tunes for Everybody” was released abroad: it collected world-wide success in Eastern Europe, Greece, Turkey, Japan, Canada, Brazil and Asia, especially Indonesia where it became a cult album.. In the summer of 1999 the guys were back in the studio, recording their new album. Then released by Sugar. In June 1999 the new single “Baluba” was released. It is a surreal song from the Italian 70’s re-arranged in the FLABBY way and included in the original soundtrack of the movie “E Allora Mambo”. Once again, the clip of this song was in heavy rotation on MTV. At the end of 1999 “Limoncello Experience”, FLABBY’s second album gets released. The second single from this album, “There’s a Better Way”, became very popular in Italy, thanks to a sample taken from a classical football TV program. The same song was used for a big commercial for the main Italian mobile phone company (TIM) with the worldwide football star Gabriel Batistuta. In 2001 cinema fell in love with FLABBY again: Flabby’s groove, off the first album, was chosen for the trailer of the blockbuster movie “Ocean’s Eleven”. In 2003 Andrea left the band. After a pause, Fabrizio Fiore and Rosario Pellecchia started to work on new songs for a re-release of “Modern Tunes for everybody”. The idea came to Nico Spinosa who originally signed them at EMI Italy, due to a few requests for synchronization. In fact, Flabby’s songs have always had great appeal to both cinema and advertising. In 2006 “Modern tunes for everybody” was re-released and almost immediately withdrawn from the market due to Spinosa leaving EMI. He and Flabby met again in 2009 and once again they decided to start working on the project, as, meanwhile, Spinosa had launched his new label RNC Music along with talent scout Ros Manica. The planning for the project is a re-release of both “Modern tunes for everybody” and “Limoncello experience” plus an exclusive selection of remixes for the album “Flabby remixed”. While the reappearance of Flabby on the market already started to generate interest among the labels which knew them from the past experiences, Fabrizio and Ross started to record their new material at Paolo Filippi’s Cavò Studio, along with some of the finest Italian jazz musicians, and the result is stunning

“Anything Can Happen” mastered by John Davis at London’s Metropolis, contains 13 fantastic tracks, of which “Don’t Break This Heart Of Mine” is the first single which debuted at #1 on the i-tunes jazz singles chart.

“Anything can happen” is already available on i-Tunes worldwide, made his debut on the Italian i-tunes chart peaking at #24 in the general chart and will be released in all of the digital stores.

The new album ‘Anything Can Happen’ and the first single of this album ‘Don’t Break This Heart Of Mine’ are out now and for sale on iTunes! Click here to buy the single and here to get the album.
Watch the video for ‘Don’t Break This Heart Of Mine’ below, and have a listen at both of the releases at the bottom of this page.