Claude Hugo

Claude Hugo is the Electro Jazz project of producer/writer Wim Arys.
Wim got into Jazz after winning a remix contest for Marc Moulins’ classic ‘Into the dark’ in 2002 for Belgian radio station Studio Brussel.
Mr. Moulin heard some of Wims’ own creations and became somewhat of a fan, promoting and supporting him over the next few years.
After a few independent releases Wim spent most of his time working in the studio on other projects, but the music and style always stayed close to his heart.
You can listen to his latest album and its remixes below;

In 2012 the collaboration between Baz and Claude Hugo began, you can call it remarkable at the least. The two of them met a couple of years ago but lost contact over the years, until the release party of Baz’s album ‘Stadsleven’. They decided to meet and to check out how a possible partnership would turn out. Their sounds matched therefore they decided to record a CD together, which resulted in a cross-over album with fresh, funky, jazzy beats and awesome raps. The first album of Baz & Claude Hugo will be released the 8th of June 2012.